Lightweight Safety Netting & Custom Fencing

When it comes to safety, not all netting solutions are created the same. No matter whether it is a safety net for building-site safety nets or barrier nets for industrial purposes, nets are useful tools that can be used in flexible and versatile ways. They can protect people, animals, or can be used for load securing. However, each application requires distinct specifications for safety nets.

HERO-NET® Unique Lightweight Properties

Providing an alternative to traditional extrusion-based netting, HERO-NET® plastic construction solutions are easy to handle and durable. HERO-NET® plastic fences are economical, lightweight netting, and can be implicated widely in various industrial purposes.

HERO-NET® Unique Reflective Properties

HERO-NET® employs a revolutionary raschel knit manufacturing technique, giving it a unique advantage in handling and durability. HERO-NET® reflective netting incorporates patented retro-reflective bands for unmatched visibility in low-light environments and has been a game-changer in construction fencing since 2006.

Our patented Reflective Fence with retro-reflective bands constitute a great visible warning that can be used for applications like traffic control, construction sites, road work, sporting events, and more easy to put up, take down, transport, and store.