About Us

At Hiro International, we have always believed in making a difference regardless of how small it may be and when it comes to our growth as a company then we always tend to put in our best efforts to yield equally meaningful results. Hiro-Net’s motto is that it is not your typical construction fence as it stands for something much more resourceful.

Hiro International was founded on a singular vision, and that was to incorporate top-of-the-line resources and formulate them to create a netting company that surpasses all expectations. On a broader spectrum, our dedication is primarily directed towards being consistent with our approach as a company to establish sustainable relations across the globe for affiliations with some of the most reliable names in the market while extending our customer base.

Apart from our industrial commitments, we are also customer-centric and wish to develop products that tend to be mutually beneficial for society and us. Our dedication has inspired many of our business partners to confidently establish trustworthy bonds that have elevated our operations to a new level.

We never over-promise or under-deliver, as we are adamant with our approach when it comes to the integrity of our objectives and their execution. Hiro International is not only renowned for providing the best net fencing in the region but also for establishing goodwill among the masses via progressive relations with our regional distributors.

We believe that it is essential to understand the business dynamics of today, and HERO-NET® works to make its place in the market as a viable net fencing solution. Our products are lightweight, weather-resistant, and highly reflective safety netting that can be used in a variety of environments, including construction sites and ski slopes.

Our netting solutions are all manufactured using the revolutionary raschel knitting, but are also available in a variety of different colors, including yellow, yellow/orange, and green. If you wish to acquire custom colored nets to add to the thematic value of your project, then those can also be arranged on order.