Top-Quality Construction & Industrial Fencing For Sale

The safety concerns in the construction industry have been revolutionized by the HERO-NET® since 2006 when they introduced their unique, environmentally-friendly construction fencing for sale.

Our manufacturing know-how and expertise in the field of fall-protection construction netting provide the greatest safety for the personnel at the working site, thus limiting injuries that may occur in the workplace.

Providing an alternative to traditional extrusion-based netting, HERO-NET® plastic construction solutions are easy to handle and durable. HERO-NET® plastic nets and fences are economical, lightweight, and can be implicated widely in various industrial purposes.

Thanks to high-quality polymers and our production know-how, the industrial fencing from HERO-NET® has become the symbol of building sites, and Hiro International has become the model for the entire sector. HERO-NET® also incorporates patented retro-reflective bands for unmatched visibility in low-light environments and has been a game-changer in construction fencing.

Safety Construction Fencing

Protect the construction site, with our selection of barrier and safety construction netting. Choose from several colors, styles, and lengths. Our standard construction netting is available in the following dimension:

  • Standard width: 1.2 m
  • Standard length: 150’, 200’ & 650’

Durable for All Seasons

HERO-NET® construction fencing is available in a variety of colors and lengths. Reusable for multiple jobs.

Variety of Construction Sites

Construction fencing from HERO-NET® has found its use in a variety of construction sites, including road building to ski resorts.

Find the Color You Need

The HERO-NET® comes in Standard Orange, Orange/Yellow/Orange, and Green colors. Other colors can be arranged upon request