Not your typical construction fence

With over a decade of proven industry experience and presence in Europe, and many years of success in Japan and other APAC (Asia-Pacific) markets, we are proud to announce that HERO-NET® is now available in the United States!

HERO-NET® – A Trademark in Reflective Safety Fencing

When it comes to sites under construction, it is EXTREMELY crucial to make sure that the safety of the workers functioning at night is prioritized to the fullest! While the traditional methods of torching out the lights on the construction sites make things a lot difficult for the workers to work without difficulty at night, the need to revolutionize the construction sites safety measures was adamant! Therefore, modernizing the Safety Measures that were being used previously, the HERO-NET® has been bringing in the revolution since 2006. With state of the art custom reflective safety netting formulated for the utmost safety of the customers on-site, HERO-NET® has been making things a lot easier and a lot less risky.

Affordable Reflective Safety Fencing For Maximum Safety

Also known as the “Warning Barriers” or the “Snow Fence,” the reflective safety fencing is manufactured to make things easier! The manufacturing process of these fantastic reflective fencing espouses “PE” as the main raw ingredient. With additionally added UV for longer life, the reflective safety fencing and nets made at HERO-NET® factories opt the process of “Plasticizing.” Aimed to feature high strength and resilience towards ageing, the safety nets are made to ensure softness, portability, and environment-friendliness.

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    HERO-NET® Features

    Why are our Reflective Safety Fencing The Best?

    Why are our Reflective Safety Fencing The Best?
    The preeminent reflective orange and yellow barrier fences HERO International manufactures is meant to take the place of the traditional plastic barriers with lamps that were of no great use. While these are made from the strongest gossamers of “HDPE,” the knitting pattern we have opted is our trademark for extra-added security! This makes the net long-lasting and robust! Not compromising on the ease to install them, the reflective safety nets can easily be removed and rolled back to be reused again!
    Making sure that the nets are highly perceptible at all given times, the ideal combination of orange and yellow makes the profits extremely visible even when there are foggy days. Also, the extra added strips of the retro-reflective tapes in the netting mesh provides the perceptibility power of 600cpl – enough to caution the drivers coming in from hundreds of meters away!

    Product Details:
    What makes our product so unique is the fact that we make it in a batch of different color combinations. This makes it easier to contrast, no matter how weird the background is. Although the most prevalent color is “Orange,” but we also provide the same quality in black, green, and even blue! Based on the technical aspects, following are types of nets and fencing which we offer.

    •  Net Fence
    •  Plastic Fence
    •  Construction Fence
    •  Safety Fence
    •  Mesh Fence